Service Now Development Training

The Aim of this course

This course provides a comprehensive synopsis of ServiceNow obligatory dependences, permitting recipients to comprehend the complete scope of a ServiceNow ITSM application project.
Through lecture, demos, practical exercises, team actions, and classroom interactions, participants gain an understanding of the range of a ITSM implementation project, including: application tasks, ITIL/ ITSM courses, organizing the UI and out-of-box applications, setting up Self-Service, management of Service Catalog, dealing with Tickets (Request, Change and Problem) along with Information Base, setting up and maintaining users, accumulation of CIs (Configuration Items) to the CMDB, modifying messages and reminders, using workflow, Business Service Map, reports, and email notifications, assimilation with legacy systems, LDAP and peripheral web-services, and running Mid server, etc.

At the end of the course

  • Ability to Explain vital features and paybacks.

  • Comprehending essential applications and modules.

  • Listing the high-level setup steps for the obligatory dependences.Comprehending the high-level procedure included in realizing ITSM platform (post-mandatory-dependency-implementation)

  • Narrating ability of how the out-of-box self-service application pages show.

  • Narrating options for organizing self-service application initial landing pages.

  • Clarifying how to confirm the early application.

  • Narrating which major ITIL/ITSM features are reinforced by, counting multi-currency price list support.

  • Generating an elementary appeal, transfer to modification and difficult, and make a knowledge-base entry.

  • Clarifying the basis of ticket types used in

  • Generating and sustain SLAs.

  • Making and maintain Service Catalog.

  • Ability to describe the main features and functionality of Applications

Prerequisite for this Course:

  • Functional, Administrators and Implementers

  • Any Programmers

  • DataBase developers/administrators

  • Testing professionals

  • Enterprise Resource Planning professionals

  • Customer relationship Management professionals

  • Business Intelligence professionals

  • Business Process Management professionals

  • Middleware TL consultants professionals

  • Any degree Fresher’s

  • HP Service managers professionals

  • BMC Remedy Professionals

  • Computer Associates Service Desk Managers Professionals

  • IBM Smart Cloud Desk Engineers Professionals

  • ITSM/ITIL Professionals

  • Ticketing TL Professionals

  • Business Analyst/System analyst

Course Content of Service Now

Introduction to Service Now

  • What is Service Now

  • Why and who can use Service Now

  • Concept of cloud computing in Service Now

  • Introduction to ITIL foundation

  • Navigation and users

  • Helpful portals, releases

Customize Homepage

  • Creating Gauges

  • Define CSS properties, UI Properties

  • Change visibility of Homepage and banner

Tables, Form, Dictionary

  • Creating Application, module

  • Creating table

  • Personalizing form and table layout

  • Creating Section,

  • View

  • Dictionary entries

  • Dictionary overrides

  • Reference qualifiers

  • Related lists

Update set’s Creation

  • Creating an update set

  • Merge update set

  • Retrieve Update set in another instance

Creating workflow

  • Workflow editor and workflow scripts

  • Workflow activities and workflow context

  • Workflow stages, transitions

Service catalog management

  • Use of service catalog, back end execution

  • Creating catalog item, record producer, order guide

  • Create RITM and catalog task

  • Attaching workflow to catalog items

Importing data in Service Now

  • Data sources,

  • XML import

  • Transform maps,

  • Scheduled data import

  • Import sets

  • Transform scripts

  • Data load automation

User Administration

  • Creating groups

  • Users and Departments

  • Concept of delegation

  • Customizing user profile

  • Roles & group membership

  • Fetch detail of logged in user

Email Notification

  • Defining a Template

  • Define notification

  • Email logs

  • Introduction to SMTP and POP mail servers

  • Trigger email on event

Create SLA &Schedule

  • SLA Definitions

  • SLA Properties

  • Attach SLA to tasks

  • Create schedule and child schedule

Scheduled Jobs

  • Introduction to scheduled jobs

  • Scheduled Job log

  • Scheduled reports

Access Control List

  • Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level

  • Debug ACLS

  • Write ACL Scripts

  • Concept of privileged system admin

Content Management (CMS)

  • Creating site, page

  • Dynamic content block

  • Define Header, theme, style sheet

  • Creating UI page, UI macros

Introduction to Web service

  • Introduction to web services

  • SOAP Messages


  • Personalize users

  • Debugging Business Rule

  • Debugging ACL

  • Background scripts

  • Register


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