Tibco Training

The Aim of this course

The TIBCO Nimbus - Essentials training course provides a basic product introduction to TIBCO Nimbus. Using the Nimbus Client software, you will build an end-to-end mapping application that includes process maps for all the major functions of Nimbus. You will take your application through the approval process and prepare your application to ensure enduser success.

At the end of the course

  • Recognize Nimbus features and install a client

  • Create and use process maps with activities, flow lines, and resources

  • Apply templates and style sheets

  • Organize tasks and sub tasks using Nimbus drill-downs and process variants

  • Register and attach reference documents and links

  • Ensure compliance using custom metrics, statement links, and scorecards

  • Manage the review, acceptance, and acknowledgment processes .

Course Outline

  • Nimbus overview

  • Building and using process maps

  • Templates and style sheets

  • Data tables and pop-up lists

  • Document management

  • Process promotion and publishing

  • Metrics, statement links and scorecards

  • Storyboards and navigation

  • Collaboration and the acceptance process

  • Register


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